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Traditional Market Adventure Of Grade III Pupils

One way to instill to the mind of the learners the things thought by the teachers is to let them experience how to do it. One of the topics discussed in Social is about how to bargain and purchase goods in a traditional market.  To be able to widen the pupils knowledge about the said topic, the grade III of SDK Penabur Gading Serpong went on a field trip to Pasar Sinpasa last April 1, 2011 for Class A, B, and C, and April 4, 2011 for Class D, E, and F.

Before they went to the market, each of the pupils were given Rp15.000,00 to buy goods that they think they need at home such as ”tempe”, tofu, fruits and vegetables. They were instructed to buy a minimum of 3 goods.
In order to buy or purchase more goods with their money, the pupils must learn how to bargain to the vendors. And the pupils were able to do it! With their natural charm, respect and politeness that they’ve shown to the vendors in the market, the vendors gave them a warm welcome and even gave the goods that they’ve wanted in a low price!

Through this activity the pupils were not only able to increase their knowledge on the topic about how to buy and bargain in a traditional market, but they were also given an opportunity to socialize with other people. The pupils went to back to school happily. Worksheet was given to the pupils after the trip.

Truly, it was a fun-filled learning activity