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Battle Of The Best

“Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything”. This was proven true when Bilingual Schools of SDK Penabur Jakarta held an English Competition for Teachers last May 23, 2011. The venue of the competition was at SMAK 1, Tanjung Duren. Different Bilingual Schools participated in the said event.

The competition has two events. The first was Micro-Teaching, wherein the contestants were asked to choose their own topic in Mathematics or Science. They were only given 10-15 minutes to present their topic. The second event was Story Telling. Contestants were asked to make or choose a story about Halloween or Santa Clause. They were given 8-10 minutes to deliver their stories. Both events were judged based on the following criteria: Pronunciation, Content, Fluency, and Performance.

SDK Penabur Gading Serpong’s cream of the crop, Ms. Elly Rosmawaty and Mr. Rocki Parmonangan bring home the bacon! They make the school proud by bagging the first and third place. Miss Elly competed in Micro-Teaching. Her efficiency, creativity, and craftsmanship in teaching Mathematics surpassed her competitors. She delivered her lesson effectively and met the allotted time given to each contestant. Her outstanding performance impressed the judges and she was declared the winner.

Mr. Rocki competed in Story Telling. His spectacular performance amazed the judges and the audience. The story he narrated was very touching. His facial expressions, fluency, and confidence proved his versatility.

With their brilliance, proficiency and God-given talents, truly they are the school’s cream of the crop!