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Mos2-2014School is fun. School is interesting. School is cool. Three powerful words about school can help students enter New Academic Year 2014-2015 with enthusiasm. The MOS (Student Orientation) Committee Academic Year 2014-2015 hoped MOS activities with the theme caring, obedience, can help the students not to be afraid of their new class and also their new friends. MOS lasted for 3 days. The first day, the students were greeted by the teachers in soccer player costumes in the spirit of the Fifa World Cup 2014 at the entrance of school. All the students gathered on the school yard to see welcoming dance performed by the teachers. Thereafter the principal introduced all the home room teachers. On the second day, the teachers told the rules each class, chose the head student and played games. On the third day especially for grade 1 and two, they watched a puppet show played by the teachers. The theme song of the MOS was “With heart we care about other s”.

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