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We Love Indonesia

August 28th my school had a big event. Everystudent of grade 4 must were traditional clothes. At our school there’s a traditional food seller. The food name is ‘Kerak Telor’. When break time, some students from everyclass are called to help the teachers bring some kind of traditional food to the class. There are 6 kinds of traditional food that included ‘Lumpia’ from Semarang, ‘Pempek’ from Palembang, ‘chong fan’ from Medan, ‘Bubur Manado’ from Manado, ‘Gudeg’ from Jogjakarta, and ‘Urap’.

After we ate those food, we went to the field. We dance, sing, and play the tradisional game called ‘Gobak Sodor’. The area of the game is divided to 6 squares. Everyperson from the attacking team must pass through all the defense then come back. It was a really fun game. Then we switch. The girls play, the boys watch. After gthe game is finished we sing again then we went back to our classes. It was an unforgettable event. It was very fun for us and give us unforgettable memory. Thank to God we can study and explore about Indonesia’s culture. I love Indonesia so much.



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